August 25, 2015

08/24/2015 Ukraine: Daily Highlights - Ukraine celebrated the Independence Day

Ukraine celebrated the Independence Day
Ukraine celebrated the Independence Day

08.24.2015 Daily Highlights by the Digests & Analytics Ukraine News Agency

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  • Ukraine celebrated the Independence Day.
  • Negotiations of Germany, France and Ukraine leaders took place in Berlin.
  • A monument to a "Grieving Russian world" was installed in Zaporizhya.

Key Events in Ukraine

  • In most cities of Ukraine took place the celebrations in honor of Independence Day. In Kiev, there was a parade of the Ukrainian army, followed by the volleys of salute. In the evening a gala concert was held at the Maydan.
  • During the parade, the President said that he expects a positive voting in the Verkhovna Rada regarding the amendments to the Constitution and called the opponents to such changes enemies. According to him, after the adoption by the Parliament of the amendments to the Constitution, the greater part of responsibility and power will be transferred to the local authorities. The most important task of the authorities is to ensure true local elections, through which the citizens will give a well-deserved assessment to all politicians.

Ukraine at War

  • The situation in the Donbass remains tense but stable, the fighting continues in the area of Donetsk. At night, the militants resume the shellings from the large-caliber guns. According to the official reports, during the fighting one soldier was wounded . As a result of explosion in Volodarske, located in 30 kilometers from the fighting line, one child was killed and three others were injured.
    The General Staff warned of possible escalation of the conflict in the Donbass during 24-26 of August .

Ukraine and the World

  • In Berlin was held a meeting of the leaders of Germany, France and Ukraine to resolve the situation in the Donbass. German Chancellor Merkel said that there is no common point of view on the process of implementation of the Minsk Agreement with Russia. President Poroshenko said again that there is no alternative to the agreements, and Ukraine fully complies with them. He, as the President, introduced to the Parliament a bill to amend the Constitution, which is completely and clearly consistent with the obligations taken by Ukraine in the Minsk process. However, Russia does not fulfill them. French President Hollande insisted that the elections in the Donbass should be conducted only according to the Ukrainian legislation. The negotiators objected to the changing of the Minsk process format and inclusion of new members, as President of Poland Duda proposed. Poroshenko said that Ukraine does not need new formats, as existing format allows to solve all the problems. Merkel said that the terrorist "republics" do not let the OSCE mission to fully implement its mandate and the ceasefire in the Donbass is not observed. Poroshenko expressed his hope that due to the results of the negotiations the tension in the region will be reduced. After the talks, the participants held a telephone conversation with Russian President Putin, who was not invited to the meeting. According to German Foreign Minister Steinmeier it is too soon to talk about the settlement of the conflict in the Donbass. The Official Berlin is closely working with France and the EU institutions on the implementation of the Minsk Agreement.
  • Financial Times and Bloomberg agency reported that during the negotiations between Ukraine and International Creditors Club a preliminary agreement to write off 20% of external debt was reached in exchange for some additional conditions regarding the process of redemption. The agreement could be signed this week. One of the main arguments of Ukraine in the negotiations is the possible moratorium on all foreign debt payments, that is, the actual declaration of default. According to Minister of Finance Yaresko and representatives of the IMF,  this option was evaluated and it will not lead to a complete halt of country's financing by the Fund.
  • The price of oil on international markets is rapidly decreasing and had already reached the level of January 2009. Due to this the stock indexes of the East Asian companies are also falling, and this tendency is already spreading to Europe. At the Moscow Currency Exchange dollar was sold for more than 70 rubles, euro for more than 80 rubles. By the end of the session, the prices fell, but experts predict a further drop in the ruble exchange rate.
  • The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation declared the Russian military losses in the times of peace "during the special operations" a state secret.
  • Russia, from 24 to 29 August, will hold in the European part of the country large-scale exercises of troops with workup of engineering and logistical support of troops, as well as the organization of communication and application of biological, chemical and radiological protection.

The Trends

  • Volunteer troops, which took the main burden during the initial period of the war in the Donbass, did not participate in the parade in honor of the Independence Day. President Poroshenko in his speech did not mention their role in repelling the aggression and said nothing about the events in Ilovaisk that occurred during last year's parade.

2015/08/24 Ucraina: I principali eventi e temi del giorno - L'Ucraina ha celebrato il Giorno dell'Indipendenza

L'Ucraina ha celebrato il Giorno dell'Indipendenza
L'Ucraina ha celebrato il Giorno dell'Indipendenza

I principali eventi e le questioni del giorno 08.24.2015 dall'agenzia di stampa Digest e Analitica Ucraina

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  • L'Ucraina ha celebrato il Giorno dell'Indipendenza.
  • A Berlino, una riunione dei leader di Germania, Francia e Ucraina.
  • A Zaporizhya, un monumento al "lutto di mondo russo".

24.08.2015 Україна: Головні теми доби - Україна відсвяткувала День Незалежності

Україна відсвяткувала День Незалежності
Україна відсвяткувала День Незалежності

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  • Україна відсвяткувала День Незалежності.
  • У Берліні відбулася зустріч лідерів Німеччини, Франції та України.
  • У Запоріжжі відкрито пам'ятник "скорботному руському миру".

24.08.2015 Украина: Главные темы дня - Украина отпраздновала День Независимости

Украина отпраздновала День Независимости
Украина отпраздновала День Независимости

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  • Украина отпраздновала День Независимости.
  • В Берлине состоялась встреча лидеров Германии, Франции и Украины.
  • В Запорожье открыт памятник “скорбящему русскому миру”.