January 31, 2015

2015/01/30 Ucraina: I principali eventi e temi del giorno - In Uglegorsk e Debaltsevo ponte proseguono feroci combattimenti.

In Uglegorsk e Debaltsevo ponte proseguono feroci combattimenti.

Grandi eventi e argomenti del giorno 2015/01/30 dall'agenzia di stampa "Digest e Analytics - Ucraina"

Argomenti del giorno

In Uglegorsk e Debaltsevo ponte proseguono feroci combattimenti. Aumenta il numero di vittime tra la popolazione del  Donbass durante i bombardamenti da militanti. Presidente Poroshenko ha firmato un decreto sulle misure supplementari per la mobilitazione. Il tasso di cambio ha superato il segno psicologico di 16 UAH / $. Il gruppo di contatto per risolvere la crisi del Donbass è pronta a tenere una riunione il 31 gennaio.

30/01/2015 Ukraine: Daily Highlights - Fierce fighting continues in Uglegorsk and Debaltseve foothold

Fierce fighting continues in Uglegorsk and Debaltseve foothold

01/30/2015 Daily Highlights by "Digests and Analytics - Ukraine" News Agency

Topics of the day

Fierce fighting continues in Vuglegirs'k and Debaltseve foothold. The number of casualties among the Donbass citizens is increasing due to the militants shelling. President Poroshenko signed a decree on additional measures for mobilization. The exchange rate of hryvnia has exceeded the psychological mark of 16 UAH / USD. The contact group to resolve the crisis in the Donbass is ready to hold a meeting on January 31.

Key Events In Ukraine

  • President Poroshenko signed a decree on additional measures to ensure partial mobilization. A number of tasks were set for the government: to develop measures to regulate reservists travels abroad; on the improvement of the medical examination procedures; on the staffing of  military offices by trained officer personnel; on ensuring social and psychological rehabilitation of servicemen who took part in the fighting.
  • Established a medal "Defender of the Fatherland" for rewarding war veterans and those who have shown courage and bravery in protecting national interests and security of Ukraine.
  • A number of laws were signed: the reinstatement of the officers who have fallen under the lustration in military service; amending the laws governing the financial services market; on leave for the workers on the territory of the antiterrorist operation; about changes in the Budget Code in the allocation of local budgets; on absentia conviction of persons declared in interstate and/or international wanted list. Last law allows to bring to justice those close to the former President Yanukovych guilty of crimes against the activists of the Maidan and sheltering abroad or in the combat zone.
  • Poroshenko appointed a new president of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market which is responsible for regulating the turnover of shares and investment climate in the country. The Commission will also be a regulator of the insurance market.
  • Presidential decree abolished the Committee on Intelligence and sacked its chairman Smeshko appointed in October 2014. It was decided to establish a Joint Committee on the Intelligence Activities under the President.
  • The second session of the Verkhovna Rada will start on February 3.
  • Fighters from volunteer battalion "Aydar hold protest at the front of the Ministry of Defence against the disbandment of unit under the guise of its reorganization.
  • Arrested Journalists of Russian propaganda channel "LifeNews" have been deported from Ukraine. They are banned from entering the country for five years.
  • General Prosecutor Office resumes criminal investigation on the sale of shares of the largest Ukrainian TV channel "Inter" in 2005.
  • The decline in the economy and real wages, military operations and the annexation of the Crimea public debt for utilities rose to 14.7 billion UAH.
  • The State Mortgage Institution plans to refinance the banks issuing loans for the purchase of residential property at the rate of not more than 18% per annum.
  • Natural gas supplies from Europe increased, reaching almost 45 million m3 per day.
  • National Bank has reduced the official rate of hryvnia, passes the critical level of 16 hryvnyas per US dollar: 16.16 UAH / USD (+0.21 UAH),18.28 UAH/ EUR (+0,18 UAH), 2.35 UAH / 10 RUR (-0.03 UAH).

Kyiv Life

  • A pilot project to introduce parking machines on the streets of the capital failed due to inactivity of the administrative committee of the city council and the reluctance to break the corruption scheme with cash payment for parking.

Ukraine at War

  • Fierce fighting with tanks and all kinds of artillery take place in Vuglegsrsik and Debaltseve outskirts. Militants supported by the Russian army trying to surround and destroy the Ukrainian units on Debaltseve foothold. MLRS "Hurricane" and "Tornado" are used against the Ukrainian troops. Random mortar attacks by militants are continued in Donets'k and Gorlivka to demoralize the people and pass the responsibility to the Ukrainian army. Bombardment of many settlements on the territory controlled by Ukrainian army also took place. Dozens of civilians were killed during the attacks.
  • The evacuation of local residents of Maryinka, Krasnogorivka, Debaltseve is taking place.
  • SBU massively detain supporters of militants in the zone of combat operations, as well as across the country.
  • The contact group to resolve the crisis in the Donbass, which plans to meet on January 31 in Minsk prepared a document on ceasefire, withdrawal of heavy weapons from the line of fighting, there are no restrictions on the supply of goods to the Donbass and the release of the hostages.
  • The Prosecutor's Office is investigating a criminal case on the financing of terrorism by enterprises on the territory controlled by insurgents DNR. Enterprises are owned by a Russian citizen Nusenkis from the circles close to former President Yanukovych.
  • OSCE recorded the movement of large convoy of unmarked trucks and armored vehicles on the territory controlled by insurgents DNR.
  • Russia moves new military equipment directly from the warehouse to support militants through uncontrolled land border Ukraine.
  • Apple and eBay stopped servicing clients in the Crimea.

Ukraine and the World

  • US officials presented a plan to help Ukraine, including the supply of lethal weapons, with the participation of partners in the NATO bloc which armed with military equipment of the former USSR.
  • Council of the EU during a meeting in Brussels has received indisputable evidence of Russia's participation in the armed conflict in the Donbass from Ukraine.
  • Central Bank of Russia is forced to reduce its key interest rate from 17% to 15% per annum due to the risk of a sharp rise in consumer prices and cooling of the economy.
  • The Russian Defense Ministry has adjusted the plan of activities for 2015 taking into the account enhancing army groups in strategic areas and building up the combat potential of the armed forces.
  • Russian prosecutor's office investigates human rights organization "Transparency International” on suspicion of espionage.
  • The largest library in Russia belonging to the Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences which had unique publications in a single copy was burned in Moscow.
  • NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said that 2014 was a year of threats growth for the Alliance from terrorists and Russia. During the year NATO has conducted more than 200 exercises.
  • France will provide military equipment to NATO forces stationed in Poland.
  • Latvian authorities reinforce the fight against Russian propaganda after the symbols of "People's Republic of Latvia" appeared on the Internet.


  • Poroshenko decree on legislative regulation of the order of travel abroad by reservists in the absence of the martial law or a special period regime is contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine.

30.01.2015 Україна: Головні теми доби - У Вуглегірську та на дебальцевському плацдармі тривають жорстокі бої

У Вуглегірську та на дебальцевському плацдармі тривають жорстокі бої

Головні події і теми дня 30.01.2015 від інформаційного агентства "Дайджести та Аналітика Україна"

Теми дня

У Вуглегірську та на дебальцевському плацдармі тривають жорстокі бої. У ході обстрілів бойовиків збільшується кількість жертв серед населення Донбасу. Президент Порошенко підписав указ про додаткові заходи щодо мобілізації. Валютний курс перевищив психологічну позначку у 16 грн/$. Контактна група з врегулювання кризи в Донбасі готова провести зустріч 31 січня.

30.01.2015 Украина: Главные темы дня - В Углегорске и на дебальцевском плацдарме идут жестокие бои

В Углегорске и на дебальцевском плацдарме идут жестокие бои

Главные события и темы дня 30.01.2015 от информационного агентства “Дайджесты и Аналитика Украина”

Темы дня

В Углегорске и на дебальцевском плацдарме идут жестокие бои. Увеличивается количество жертв среди население Донбасса в ходе обстрелов боевиков. Президент Порошенко подписал указ о дополнительных мерах по мобилизации. Валютный курс превысил психологическую отметку 16 грн/$. Контактная группа по урегулированию кризиса в Донбассе готова провести встречу 31 января.