November 01, 2015

10/31/2015 Ukraine: Daily Highlights - The head of the political council of the party "Ukrop" Korban arrested

The head of the political council of the party "Ukrop" Korban arrested
The head of the political council of the party "Ukrop" Korban arrested

10.31.2015 Daily Highlights by the Digests & Analytics Ukraine Agency

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  • Security Service and representatives of Prosecutor General's Office arrested the head of the political council of the party "Ukrop" Korban.
  • Remnants of shells continue to explode at an ammunition depot in Svatovo.
  • Russian airliner crashed in Egypt. There are four Ukrainians among the victims.

July 21, 2014

14-20/07/2014 Weekly Highlights by “Digests & Analytics Ukraine” News Agency

Weekly digest of Ukraine July, 14-20 by Digest & Analytics Ukraine News Agency

War in Ukraine
  • Malaysian Airlines plane have been shot down by terrorists near Torez in Donetsk region with SA missile system "Buk", as confirmed by numerous photographs, audio and video evidence. 298 passengers, including 80 children, and crew killed. Armed terrorists prevent international experts to work on at the crash site, collecting bodies and evidence by themselves for further transfer to Moscow. Local population and terrorists are engaged in looting, removing valuables from dead bodies, collecting cash and credit cards. Attempts of cash withdrawal from victims credit cards have been spotted. Only 251 dead bodies have been found by militants, loaded to refrigerators for further transportation to Donetsk. International community strongly condemned the attack and demanded immediate and comprehensive investigation of the accident, and punishment of those responsible. President of Ukraine Petro O. Poroshenko appealed to the UN for recognition of DPR and LPR as international terrorist organizations.

July 20, 2014

19/07/2014 Daily Highlights by “Digests & Analytics Ukraine” News Agency

Terrorist don't admit international experts to access crash site in Torez, Ukraine


  • Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Secretary Mr. Parubiy, said in an interview that antiterrorist operation in Ukraine is not a local event but rather a global war of the nuclear power terrorist state with the global security system. Mr. Paubiy as well stressed that several months ago he proposed at NATO meeting n Vilnius to create anti-Putin anti-terrorist coalition and introduce strong sanctions against Russia, and now all countries are facing expansion if the threat and their citizens can not feel secure anymore.


  • Kyiv mayor Mr. Klitschko created civil defense council and urged Kiev citizens to be vigilant and careful in crowded places. More than 20 reports of mining and planning of terrorist acts received over the past four days. This is done to disorient, disorganize and sputter local authorities.

War in Ukraine

  • 14 aircraft and helicopters have been shot down by terrorists during the period of open military confrontation in eastern Ukraine. Sky over the Donbas haven’t been yet closed in the upper echelons, as up until recently terrorists hadn’t any air defense units able to operate on great heights, but these have been delivered from Russia just few days ago - said at a press briefing the Minister of Regional Development Mr. Groisman.
  • Ukrainian military unblocked Donetsk airport and extended the zone of influence on the suburbs near Donetsk - as reported by Minister of Defense Mr. Geletey.
  • Terrorists shelled Ukrainian military positions with multiple rocket launchers «Grad" throughout the day, including those near Donetsk and Luhansk airports. Once shelling was conducted from Russian village Novaya Nadezhda in Rostov region - as reported in the press center of the anti-terrorist operation. Shelling of Ukrainian military with mortars from Russian territory have been as well documented. 3 Ukrainian soldiers killed and 10 injured from insurgent attack on National Guards convoy near Artemivsk.  Russian military equipment continue to infiltrate Ukraine through the parts of the border, controlled by terrorists.
  • As reported by Luhansk authorities, 20 civilians have been killed in Luhansk during the day in from mortars shelling and streets shootings. Civilian casualties in Luhansk since the start of hostility reached about 250 killed and 850 injured, according to the OSCE.

July 18, 2014

17/07/2014 Daily Highlights by “Digests & Analytics Ukraine” News Agency

Malaysia Airlines aircraft have been shooted by terrorists in East Ukraine. Marauders at work


  • At the National Security & Defense Council meeting, President of Ukraine Mr. Poroshenko discussed with security forces representatives the need to mobilize and introduction of martial law, taking into account participation of foreign states in war in Ukraine. He stressed that evidence do exist on direct Russian aggression againt Ukraine, and instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to respond to the facts of aggression.

  • Official exchange rate of Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) has slightly changed as established by the National Bank of Ukraine: 11.71 UAH / 1$ (+1 cop), 15.85 UAH / 1€ (-10 cop), 3.40 UAH / 10 RUR.

  • Director of the Kiev armored vehicles factory was detained by Security Service of Ukraine in accusation of embezzling public funds aimed to repair and upgrade armored personnel carriers and cashing them through a fictitious firm.

  • Industrial production decreased by almost -5%, compared to the same period last year, in the first half of year in Ukraine. Decline was more than -2% in May.