July 14, 2015

07/13/2015 Ukraine: Daily Highlights - US-Ukraine Investment Conference

US-Ukraine Investment Conference
US-Ukraine Investment Conference

07.13.2015 Daily Highlights by the Digests & Analytics Ukraine News Agency

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  • US-Ukraine Investment Conference.
  • President Poroshenko gathered the Military Cabinet regarding the situation in Mukachevo.

Key Events In Ukraine

  • President Poroshenko  convened a meeting of the Military Cabinet due to the events in Transcarpathia. He claimed that the essence of the conflict in Mukachevo is redistribution of the contraband. The law enforcement agencies need to take serious measures to fight the smuggling. The President ordered the law enforcement agencies to disarm the illegal armed groups.
  • The SSU reported on the detention of two members of the "Right Sector", involved in the events in Mukachevo. The "Right Sector" reported that those two organization members had surrendered voluntarily.
  • Prime Minister Yatsenyuk demanded from the leadership of the State Fiscal Service the dismissal of the staff of the Transcarpathian customs. The customs leadership is suspended from the work for the time of the official investigation, they will be replaced by the customs officers from other regions.
  • President Poroshenko fired his adviser Tomenko and Commander of the Air Force Baidak.
  • The Prosecutor General's Office announced the suspicion of embezzlement of the budget funds to former Minister of Justice Lavrynovych.
  • The composition of the Board of the NBU was reduced from 10 to 6 people, some powers can be delegated to the specialized committees of the bank.
  • The official hryvnia exchange rate is relatively stable, but it continue to gradually decline against the US dollar: 21.96 UAH/USD (+0.04 UAH), 24.27 UAH/EUR (-0,25 UAH), 3.88 UAH / RUR 10 (+0.01 UAH).

Ukraine at War

  • The situation in the combat zone in the Donbass remains extremely tense, there were more than 80 cases of shellings of the positions of the Ukrainian army with the use of heavy weapons and MLRS recorded. The most intense fighting took place in the surroundings of Donetsk, although shellings were also recorded in the Luhansk region. According to the official reports, five Ukrainian soldiers were wounded.
  • The Atlantic Council of the US Report on Russia's participation in the war against Ukraine was presented in the Verhovna Rada.

Ukraine and the World

  • The Ukraine-USA Investment Conference was held in Washington. US Vice President Biden, US Commerce Secretary Pritzker, Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk, and Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yaresko were the major participants.
  • Australia, Ukraine, Belgium, the Netherlands and Malaysia addressed the UN Security Council a proposal to establish an international tribunal to prosecute those responsible for the crash of the airliner MH-17 flight over the Donbass.

The Trends

  • At the Ukraine-US Investment Conference  US Vice President Biden said that in the fight against Ukraine Russia is using the most reliable weapons - corruption and oligarchy. The US will certainly help the country in the fight against this threat, as the future of Europe depends on the stability in Ukraine. US Commerce Secretary Pritzker said that the Prime Minister and the President  must create an open market in the country. Stability and democracy cannot be achieved without economic and political reforms, so Ukraine is obliged to carry out the real reforms not only on paper, but in reality, which will be noticed by both entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens. The US is ready to allocate additional funds for such reforms.
  • The civil society and the users of the Ukrainian Internet are discussing the statement of the Speaker of the Interior Ministry, which was trying to whiten the institution from the accusations of corruption and merging with criminals in Transcarpathia. He is inventing various versions of the crimes of the "Right Sector" and distributes them through the social networks. The system corruption, which revealed itself in the Transcarpathia events, has a negative impact on the country's investment business.
  • Experts believe that the Military Cabinet, convened by President Poroshenko, is an illegitimate structure and also an attempt to change the balance of powers in his favor.

2015/07/13 Ucraina: I principali eventi e temi del giorno - Conferenza per gli investimenti degli Stati Uniti-Ucraina

Conferenza per gli investimenti degli Stati Uniti-Ucraina
Conferenza per gli investimenti degli Stati Uniti-Ucraina

I principali eventi e le questioni del giorno 2015/07/13 dall'agenzia di stampa Digest & Analytics Ucraina

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  • Conferenza per gli investimenti degli Stati Uniti-Ucraina.
  • Presidente Poroshenko ha chiamato  Il Gabinetto di Guerra sulla situazione a Mukachevo.

13.07.2015 Україна: Головні теми доби - Інвестиційна конференція Україна-США

Інвестиційна конференція Україна-США
Інвестиційна конференція Україна-США

Головні події і теми дня 13.07.2015 від інформаційного агентства Digests & Analytics Ukraine

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  • Інвестиційна конференція Україна-США.
  • Президент Порошенко зібрав Воєнний кабінет щодо ситуації у Мукачеві.

13.07.2015 Украина: Главные темы дня - Инвестиционная конференция Украина-США

Инвестиционная конференция Украина-США
Инвестиционная конференция Украина-США

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  • Инвестиционная конференция Украина-США.
  • Президент Порошенко собрал Военный кабинет по ситуации в Мукачево.