June 12, 2015

06/11/2015 Ukraine: Daily Highlights - The European Parliament stopped cooperation with Russia

The European Parliament stopped cooperation with Russia
The European Parliament stopped cooperation with Russia

06.11.2015 Daily Highlights by the Digests & Analytics Ukraine News Agency

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  • The European Parliament stopped cooperation with Russia. It is ready to turn to the Hague court and strengthen sanctions against the Putin regime.
  • The license for "Inter" TV channel was extended for 7 years.
  • Explosions in Odessa.
  • Stabbing rampage in Kharkiv.

Key Events of Ukraine

  • President Poroshenko promised that the fortifications of the first two defense lines in the Donbass will be completed by the mid-July.
  • Minister of Justice Petrenko stated that the Decommunisation Law adopted by the Parliaments will allow to ban the Communist Party.
  • Former Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Zhebrivskyi was officially appointed a Head of the Donetsk military-civil administration. Previous Head of administration Kikhtenko was dismissed due to the disruption of the fortifications construction.
  • Active service officer Fatsevich, commander of special troops, was appointed a  Head of the Kyiv Patrol Police.
  • A new Head of the Odessa Police, former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Lordkipanidze received Ukrainian citizenship.
  • In Kharkiv, a group of unknown people perpetrated a massacre in the streets. Six people were delivered to the hospitals with the stab wounds.
  • "Ukrainian Coal" State Company, which was selling most of the coal mined in the country, filed a petition in bankruptcy.
  • The National Bank notes that in addition to liquidity risks, most banks faced the loss of paying capacity by the population during the economic recession in the country, more than a quarter of all the loans issued are problematic.
  • The official hryvnia exchange rate slightly changed: 21.03 UAH/USD (-0.12 UAH), 23.62 UAH/EUR (-0,24 UAH), 3.86 UAH/RUR 10.


  • The fire at the oil delivery terminal near Kyiv continues, two more tanks with oil exploded, six people are already killed. Firefighters expect to put out the fire by 14 June.

Ukraine at War

  • Militants attacked the 29th checkpoint in the Luhansk region on the "Bahmutka" route. During the day, two soldiers were killed, eight were wounded. Night shellings of settlements and Ukrainian army positions continued. In Horlivka three civilians were killed and two children were wounded. The Donetsk airport area remained the point of fierce battles and shellings.
  • In Odessa, two billboards with patriotic images were blown up at night. The police qualifies the incidents as terrorism.
  • NSDC Secretary Turchinov stated that the authorities intend to strictly control the demarcation line in the combat zone in the Donbass until Ukraine returns its full control over the state border.

Ukraine and the World

  • The European Parliament called for an investigation of the war crimes of Russia during the  annexation of the Crimea and the fighting in the Donbass. The deputies plan to adopt a decision to resume the construction of the Nabucco natural gas pipeline as an alternative to the Russian supplies of hydrocarbons. They expressed concern about the increasing military presence of Russia in the Black Sea.
  • The head of the Finance Ministry of the Russian Federation Storchak claimed that due to Russia’s limited access to the international financial markets it will demand from Ukraine a full refund of its debt of $ 3 billion, which was granted to Yanukovych regime, as well as the debenture interest.
  • The Ukrainian creditors committee, with which  the government is conducting negotiations, claimed about the non-constructive position of Finance Minister Yaresko, whose proposals it considers unacceptable, but it is ready at any time to continue the negotiations.
  • United States Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power said that the United States will continue putting the pressure on Russia until it returns the full control over the Crimea to Ukraine. She believes that the UN Security Council is unable to perform its functions in a conflict with Ukraine, and that other means are needed to support it. According to her, most of the reforms are carried out by the Ukrainian authorities only on paper, and Ukrainian people are excluded from the process. She noted that the authorities are in no hurry to bring the guilty of crimes in the Maydan to the responsibility since they lack the desire to do it.
  • The US Congress passed an amendment prohibiting the delivery of MANPADS to Ukraine. Congressman Conyers claimed that too active military support of Ukraine could harm own national interests of the US and called "Azov" volunteer battalion  neo-Nazi.
  • Interpol refused to put former commander of the Interior Troops Shulyak to the international wanted list on demand of Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office, having detected there a sign of political persecution.
  • The World Bank confirmed the forecast for the fall of the Ukraine’s economy this year by 7.5%.

The Trends

  • According to experts, the publication of opinion polls, giving the advantage to the President's party and decreasing the ratings of other parties, is a manipulation prior to the local elections.

  • "The New York Times" economic observer considers that high inflation and the cost of credits beyond all reason worsen already difficult situation in Ukraine, damaging its economic and military potential. The authorities are not doing enough to reduce the tension.

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